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Powerleague Tournament Format:

- entry fee: $250/team.

- prize money: $500, $300, $100 per gender.

- each team plays a minimum of five matches, best of three, no cap in any game.

- players may only play on one team in the same Powerleague weekend.

- out of town teams can request to start on Saturday mornings but must be prepared to play back to back matches.

- youth teams 16U and older are welcome to play.

- teams are required to referee (please check refereee schedule), teams that miss referee duty will be fined $50 or removed from the draw.

To register, please email us here




 Powerleague #1 Results:


1. Hitlist

2. Servivors

3. Big Dig Lovers

4. 18U Kodiaks

5. 17U Kodiaks

6. 16U Kodiaks Red

7. We Might Surprise You

T8. Not Fast But Furious

T8. Volley Llamas

T10. No Dig'gity

T10. 16U Kodiaks Black


1.  17U Kodiaks

2.  18U Kodiaks

3. Big Doinks

4. Big C and the Lads

5. Jolly Jumpers

6. 16U Kodiaks


Powerleague #2 Results:

1. Servivors 

2. Not Fast But Furious

3. 18U Kodiaks 

4. Ace Ace Baby

T5. Volley Parton

T5. 16U Kodiaks Red

T7. Quesnel Cobras 18U

T7. 17U Kodiaks

9. Volley Llamas

10. 16U Kodiaks Black


Powerleague #3 - Results:


1. Hitlist

2. Servivors

3. Not Fast But Furious 

4. 18U Kodiaks

T5. No Dig'gity

T5. Happy Hour

T7. 16U Kodiaks Red

T7. 16U Kodiaks Black

9. 17U Kodiaks

10. Volley Llamas

11. Bulkley Valley Storm 16U

12. Bulkey Valley Storm 2


1. Jednorth

2. Pounders

3. Big Doinks

4. Big C & the Lads

T5. Lacking Left Sides

T5. Jolly Jumpers

T7. 17U Kodiaks

T7. Bulkley Valley Storm

9. NBVCV 18U

10. 16U Kodiaks


Powerleague #4 - April 1 & 2, 2023

2023 PL#4 WOMEN'S MAIN.jpg


Registered Teams:


1. 18U Kodiaks

2. 16U Kodiaks Red

3. 16U Kodiaks Black 

4. Servivors

5. Volley Llamas

6. No Dig'gity

7. Not Fast But Furious

8. 17U Kodiaks

9. Digging & Swinging

10. Big Dig Energy

11. Happy Hour

12. Hitlist

Men: (not enough men's teams for this event)