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 2022 Powerleague 

Powerleague Tournament Format:

- entry fee: $250/team.

- prize money: $500, $300, $100 per gender.

- each team plays a minimum of five matches, best of three, no cap in any game.

- out of town teams can request to start on Saturday mornings but must be prepared to play back to back matches.

- youth teams 16U and older are welcome to play.

- teams are required to referee, teams that miss referee duty will be fined $50 or removed from the draw.

To register, please email us here


2022 Powerleague Schedule:


 Powerleague #1 - April 8, 9, 10, 2022



1. Dawson Creek 18U

2. 18U Kodiaks

3. Servivors

4. We Used To Be Good

T5. 16U Kodiaks Black

T5. Digging & Swinging

T7. 17U Kodiaks

T7. The Big Dig

9.  16U Kodiaks Red

10. The Seven Dwarfs

Men's Teams:

1. Pounders

2. 18U Kodiaks

3.  17U Kodiaks

4.  Big Doinks

T5.  Spike Lee

T5. Slim Jim And The Boys

T7. The Jolly Jupmers

T7. Washed Up Warriors