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The Board of Directors consists of volunteers charged with the task of overseeing the general operation of the club. Meetings are held regularly, usually once per month. The Board operates according to the club's Constitution and By-laws as approved under the Society Act. Board meetings are open to the public.

Here is our current Board of Directors:

                                                                   Dan Drezet - President                                                 Tracy Heinze - Vice President

                                                                   Kim Forrest - Treasurer                                                Cam Young - Secretary

                                                                   Allan Tong - Director                                                      Denise Magrath - Director

                                                                   Hans Mink - Director                                                      Brian Bird - Director

                                                                   Ben Receveur - Director                                               Glenn Wong - Director

                                                                   Kelsey Piner - Director


To contact PGYVC please email us at