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Code of Conduct

The actions of a player are a reflection of themselves, their team, their club and their community. An athlete's involvement in volleyball or other sports provides opportunities and experiences that important to the development of a well-rounded, self-confident and productive human being. As an athlete and member of the Prince George Youth Volleyball Club you shall:

Treat Everyone with Respect 
- Treat teammates, coaches, opponents, event organizers, and spectators with respect. 
- No "put-down" statements or behavior about any player, referee or coach will be tolerated. 
- Respect and accept with dignity the decisions of the official. 
- Be generous in winning and graceful in losing. 

Exercise Self-Control at all times 
- There will be zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol. 
- Refrain from the use of foul or profane language. 
- Refrain from the use of physical force outside the rules of the game. 

Play Fair 
- Players are expected to play fairly within the rules and spirit of the rules of the game of volleyball at all times. 
- Volleyball etiquette requires shaking hands with opposing players and match officials after each match. 

Volleyball is a Team Sport 
- While individual skills are important, team effort is vital and the objective of the game. 
- Players should attend all practices and games. If unable to be there, they must advise the coach at least one hour prior to the activity. 

AS PARENTS AND SPECTATORS, we can help our children/athletes achieve this Code of Conduct by encouraging our children in the game of volleyball. When parents see other children performing well or making an effort, they will encourage them even if they play for the opposing team. Parents will model good sportsmanship for their children. Parents and spectators shall: 

Treat Everyone with Respect 
- Cheer in a positive manner for all competitors. 
- Respect the decisions of officials. 
- Not interfere with the play or competition. 
- Be courteous and respectful to other spectators, all competitors, coaches, event organizers and officials. 

Exercise Self-Control at all times 
- Respect the rules and regulations of the facility. 
- Refrain from the use of foul or profane language. 
- Refrain from the use of physical force of any kind.